Society of Korean Robotic Gynecologic Surgery


Presidential Statement

I feel very honored and burdened by being elected as the 4th president of the Society of Korean Robotic Gynecologic Surgery (SKRGS).

The da Vinci robot system was first introduced in Korea in 2005, and the SKRGS was established in 2017, providing an opportunity for academic development by sharing and discussing robotic surgery experiences.

Robots, which were introduced through the era of open surgery and laparoscopic surgery, were initially thought of as another surgical tools, but with the convergence of advanced imaging technology and AI, a completely new era of surgery is opening.

The SKRGS has faithfully fulfilled its role as an academic society and led remarkable quantitative growth in the field of gynecological robotic surgery. In addition to this quantitative growth, we believe that now is the time when the society's role is needed for qualitative growth.

The mission I pursue is, first, academic development and exchange, second, improvement and standardization of surgical techniques, and third, securing the status of the academic society and its journal. To this end, we will plan and implement several projects. The 40 newly formed executives and members will do their best in their respective fields for the advancement of the society.

Thank you. Stay healthy and be happy.

President of SKRGS
Dae-Yeon Kim, the president of SKRGS