Society of Korean Robotic Gynecologic Surgery


Presidential Statement

I am very honored to be appointed as the 3rd president of the Society of Korean Robotic Gynecologic Surgery (SKRGS).

Since after the first introduction of da Vinci in 2005 in Korea, there has been no academic society which organized individual robotic surgeon’s experience and supported communications between them until the establishment of the SKRGS in 2017. I am very proud that SKRGS has witnessed the remarkable growth in volume of robotic surgery in the field of gynecology for the past years. I think it is the time we need to go for the growth in quality as well as quantity.

The mission of the SKRGS is to enhance the robotic surgical care of women with gynecologic diseases. The activities to achieve our mission are hosting scientific meetings, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, promoting research and publications, providing mentorship and training, and raising public awareness of the excellent performance of robotic surgery for the treatment of gynecologic benign and malignant conditions. Communication through high-quality publications is an effective way of development of a society. Of the important commitment during my term as a president of the SKRGS is promoting the official journal, Gynecologic Robotic Surgery (GRS), and making GRS a SCOPUS-indexed journal. The Society will continue to be a forum for the worldwide exchange of scientific information.

Thank you. Stay healthy and be happy.

President of SKRGS
Yong Beom Kim